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TED Ventures is a management and holdings organization delivering the next generation of healthcare. We are committed to the disruption of the current systems by providing best-in-class, best value while delivering consistently outcome focused services for all patients, all payors and all providers.

Our team has a diverse expertise in every area of the healthcare industry. From top to bottom, we have a proven system established to help your business prosper and deliver the best experience for patients and providers.

We empower our clients - large and small – to efficiently achieve, improve, and expand results by accelerating the pace of positive change in their respective organizations.

Given our ability to work across all dimensions of healthcare, we are powerful allies for accelerating change and mobilizing commitment to successful business improvement and growth.

With a focus on leadership development; we are known for being straight forward, asking tough questions, listening well and bringing an unmatched energy to spark the future of healthcare.

We are TED Ventures. 


Our mission is to stimulate change and inspire all we come in contact with through management and consulting.

Our goal is to create change and revolutionize the landscape of healthcare through transparent management and consulting.

TED Ventres Core Values DFW

Core Values

• Integrity
• Discipline
• Service
• Hard Work
• Team Work 

Stemming from the Latin word ‘integer’ which means whole and complete, the word integrity invokes a sense of wholeness and consistency. We work daily to ensure a consistency of character is instilled into everyone in our organization. We believe those around us should be able to visibly see this through our actions, decisions, methods, and outcomes. Regardless of circumstance, we believe that when you are ‘whole’ and consistent, there is only one you. An individual who works diligently and honestly, who serves their community without expectation of reward, and serves their clients in an unparalleled and unrivaled manner. By ensuring each individual is whole, we have become an integer. The one-and-only, TED Ventures. 



TED Ventures provides global leadership, problem solving and value creation for companies across industries and around the world. We work as advisers, interim leaders and partners who tell you what you need to know, not always what you want to hear.


Complex problems, shifting demands and tumultuous business environments make today’s volatile market place even more dangerous. Our operation fundamentals help us decipher your challenges, as our commitment to value creation identifies new opportunities. Always at the ready, we stand with you.


Our core values influence everything we do, everyone we hire and every client with whom we interact. From our first email in the morning to our last call at night, our values guide our relationships with each other, our clients and the world.


Assisting employers, physicians and health care businesses evaluate risk and implement strategies to comply with evolving regulatory government requirements. We are committed to our clients sustainability and long term goals.

Medical Consulting


• Practice Management
• Care Management
• Hospital & ASC Management
• Corporate Performance Improvement
• Strategy
• Merger & Acquisition
• Revenue Cycle Management
• Staffing
• Regulatory & Risky Advisory
• Compliance Audits
• Patient Retention Strategy
• Telemedicine Services
• Supplier/Vendor Relations 


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Thank you for visiting TED Ventures. We proudly support other like-minded businesses in our area. If you are interested in partnering with us, please do not hesitate to reach out.


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